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Gespaa is an attractive, smart theme that was originally designed for private use on this very blog. You can see what it looks like in Firefox in this screenshot. Currently Gespaa is released for Wordpress Version 1.5.

Legal Stuff

This theme is licensed under a CC Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Download and Installation

There are two versions of Gespaa available for download. Gespaa Single is the original, single column version which you can download here.

Alternatively, you can also download a two column version. The two-column version is currently still under development and has only been tested in IE6 and Firefox 1.0. I'll welcome feedback on how it looks on different browsers and systems.

After you download the theme, you'll need to extract it to your <WP_INSTALL>/wp-content/themes/ directory. Then log into WP and activate the theme from within your presentation panel.


Gespaa costs exactly £0.00 including tax :-) There's absolutely no obligation to pay anything at all. If you like it enough to use, then feel free to send a link back this way. If you really like it, then of course my Amazon Wishlist is always open for friendly donations:-)

Change Log

25th February 2005: Released
4th March 2005: Added comment/category code
4th March 2005: Initial beta release of a two column version.
5th March 2005: Fixed a number of sidebar related positioning bugs.
11th March 2005: Changed the sidebar code to retreive the blogroll from the WP links list. Changed scripts so that the pages now validate as XHTML.
12th March 2005: Added retrieval of "Pages" to the sidebar.
29th March 2005: Next/prev navigation added to index.php. Sidebar links are no longer bold.
29th April 2005: Added wp_head() to header.php Thanks Adam Pawley!
Changed the_loop in index.php to WP1.5 style.

Other Stuff

The friendly post times (e.g. where "posted in the wee hours" is displayed instead of posted at 1am) comes courtesy of the Time of Day plugin. To reduce bloat, this plugin is included in the download but feel free to download it seperately.

Also, feel free to customise the theme.

Custom Gespaa

If you have an interesting customisation, then feel free to post a link here.

If you're using Drupal , visit GoodBasic where Jarrod Piccioni has very kindly produced a Drupal port of the Gespaa 2 theme.

If you are a Textpattern user, then you can find a version at TheBombSite. A big thank you to Stuart Butcher for handling this port.

Note: This is an archived copy of the old if..else as of 2007.

This has been retained purely for historical purposes. For more current content, visit the current site or read about how this archive was generated.