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Flex is a flexible, customisable theme based on a design originally intended for private use.

Legal Stuff

This theme is licensed under a CC Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Download and Installation

After you download the theme, you'll need to extract it to your <WP_INSTALL>/wp-content/themes/ directory. Then log into WP and activate the theme from within your presentation panel.

SCPanther has also kindly produced helped produce a version with a horizontal nav bar. This version entitled SCP Flex is also available for download.


Flex costs exactly £0.00 including tax :-) There's absolutely no obligation to pay anything at all. If you like it enough to use, then feel free to send a link back this way. If you really like it, then of course my Amazon Wishlist is always open for friendly donations:-)

Change log

March 25th 2005: Released
March 28th 2005: Fixed a typo in the homepage link in sidebar.php. Thanks SCPanther
April 9th 2005: SCP Flex released with a horizontal nav bar.
April 29th 2005: Fixed unclosed div in comments.php when mandatory commentor registration is enabled.
June 4th 2005: Many thanks to the indefatigable Stuart Butcher who has ported flex and SCP flex to TXP.

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